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With aerodynamics and pro-style race fit designs at the heart of their brand, Aeropro make high-performance cycling apparel for the serious cyclist. 

Designed by a group of enthusiastic bike racers in Brighton, the apparel is put through rigorous wind tunnel testing with some of the industry's best aerodynamicists at the Silverstone Sports Hub and the Boardman Performance Centre.

Their scientific wind tunnel testing shows considerable gains against standard kit, making some AeroPro products when tested in the drops and hoods at 30 and 40 kph saving on average up to 22.7 Watts.


How we help

When launching their new business, Aeropro were looking for a fulfilment company that would work with them and assist in the logistics of the delivery process as this was something they didn't have experience in. 

We worked with the Aeropro team to ensure that everything was seamlessly set up before their website launch and continue to provide them with our B2C order fulfilment and storage.

How they rate us

"Mel and her team at Tamazi have been a massive help for me in the build up to launching my new venture Aeropro.


One of my key concerns was working with a fulfilment house that understood me and my business needs, we're a small start-up with limited experience in fulfilment and it was a psychological barrier for us to get through. Mel helped us and coached us through the whole acquisition to delivery process, including warehouse, logistics and software integration set up, and even working closely with our website team to make sure every stage was seamless with minimal risk for error.


We now have a fully functioning operation and having Mel as a partner really helped accelerate this process. Big thanks"

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