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Inbound Deliveries - £2.50

Receipt of inbound deliveries and unloading of goods or packaging materials. This cost covers the pallet truck and warehouse time for the unloading and booking in of goods. 

Stock Count/Quality Control - £18 PH

The checking in and full stock count of all goods to ensure quantities are as expected. This cost includes quality control of all goods and putting the goods onto your bay(s). Timed using our time tracking software MinuteDock and charged per minute.

Storage - £2.25 per day per bay

Secure storage in an alarmed and gated warehouse. Minimum storage is 1 bay which includes 5 x shelves (280cm x 60cm x 40cm)


Our services are tailored to your specific needs and priced depending on the complexity of fulfilment.

Most of our clients' parcels fall within a standard B2C Pick & Pack

Standard B2C Pick & Pack - £2*

Standard charge which covers one item on the order with one invoice print, a simple pack, sort note (if required) and the shipping label. If there are additional items on the order these are charged at 30p per item.

Complex B2C Pick & Pack - £4-6*

If your order is complex or includes bespoke requirements, we will charge depending on the time taken to pick, pack and dispatch the order. Timed using our time tracking software MinuteDock.

6-10 minutes per order = £4

11-15 minutes per order = £6

If there are additional items on the order these are charged at 30p per item

Order Admin

Warehouse Management Software enables each of our clients to have their own access to their Despatch Cloud account (hub), giving them full visibility of their inventory, reporting, orders and a lot more.

The Monthly Management Fee will be tiered depending on the number of orders we are processing for you each month.
£150 + VAT = 1 - 250 orders per month
£200 + VAT = 251 - 500 orders per month
£250 + VAT = 501 - 750 orders per month


We are experienced in fulfilling orders into big B2B retailers such as John Lewis, Amazon, Boots and Planet Organic who require specific B2B processes, as well as many UK and international Boutique stores. 

B2B Pick & Pack - £20PH

Our B2B is timed using our time tracking software Minute Dock and is charged per minute. This service includes pack list, pallet or carton labelling, pick and pack (compliant with recipient regulations) palletising and pallet wrapping (if required) and booking the collection and delivery. 


We are experienced in subscription box fulfilment. Our prices vary according to the number of items, subscribers and complexity. To give you an idea below we have a basic tier package based on a subscription box containing 5 items. If additional items or bespoke touches are required this can be discussed  

Subscription Box Pick & Pack

1-500 boxes per month = £2.25 per box

501-1000 boxes per month = £2.00 per box

1001+ boxes per month = £1.75 per box

Subscription Box preparation/assembling - £18PH

Sometimes we need to prepare the items to go into the subscription boxes, for example taking them out of plastic or assembling the items. This charge covers all processes prior to the pick/pack of the subscription box. 


We specialise in a bespoke service and are happy to provide any touches you may require such as gift wrapping and handwritten notes. 

Extensive Handwritten Notes - £30PH

A short handwritten note is included as part of our standard pick/pack charge but if you require a lengthy note or multiple notes this will be timed using our time tracking software MinuteDock and is charged per minute.

Most of our clients provide us with their own postcards but if you would like we can order these for you at cost + 10% 

Gift wrapping - £0.50 per wrap

We can gift wrap your orders should you require. Most of our clients provide us with their own wrapping paper but if you would lie we can order this for you at cost + 10%


Other bespoke touches - TBC


We are more than happy to provide other bespoke touches to your orders, just let us know what you're looking for and we can quote this. 


We understand that sometimes your customers need to return or exchange. All returns are checked for quality, repackaged and put back onto your bay. 

Returns - £2.50*

Includes receipt of return, checking product, rebagging and reshelving.

This includes 1-3 items. Any additional return items will be charged at 30p per item.

Returns Admin - £30PH

Includes the time taken to notify you of the return and/or the time taken to amend stock levels on your system/stock sheets.


Some of our clients require additional services such as product assembling. Please do ask us about any other product services you may need help with.


Product Assembling - £18 PH

Should you require your products to be assembled or prepared prior to pick/pack this is charged at our warehouse rate. Includes assembling/preparing products, construction of boxes/packaging and quality control.

Timed using our time tracking software MinuteDock and charged per minute.

Stocktake - £18PH

Full or partial stocktake of your goods. We recommend doing a yearly stocktake.

Timed using our time tracking software MinuteDock and charged per minute.

Warehouse Visits - £18PH

Some of our clients occasionally need to visit the warehouse, for example, to take or return stock from a trade show. Should you need to visit the warehouse we will boo you in prior to your visit. A member of staff will accompany your visit and assist you. This cost covers our time, health and safety requirements, insurance and the safeguarding of all clients' products.

Timed using our time tracking software MinuteDock and charged per minute.


We also offer a range of freelance services should you require any additional support


Freelance Work - £30 PH

Freelance work such as marketing, content writing and design. We work with several of our clients on an ADHOC basis and several on a set amount of hours per month. Both are timed using our time tracking software MinuteDock and charged per minute.

Website Design - From £600

Initial no obligation consultation needed to discuss needs and complexity.