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Third Party Logistics (3PL) is the term used when a business outsources their order fulfilment and logistics to a third party providing this expertise and support. 3PL is also commonly known as Order Fulfilment or Pick, Pack and Dispatch.

3PL has grown extensively in the last few years, with more and more eCommerce businesses looking to better serve their customers by improving shipping times and costs, customer experience and outsourcing enables them to spend more valuable time on core aspects of their business.


Outsourcing the order fulfilment is also increasingly popular with small and home based businesses as they outgrow their premises and need more space and support without the stress of huge overheads. 

At Tamazi Fulfilment we are experienced in all aspects of eCommerce and fulfilment and provide SMEs with the support and solutions needed for their businesses to thrive and grow in a demanding and competitive market.

We take pride in our ability to tailor solutions specifically for each client depending on their needs, their brand, their products and what they are aiming to achieve through their business and brand story!

Tamazi Fulfilment stands apart from other 3PL centres in the way we look after our clients, how we listen to their needs to enable them to succeed and how we truly care in the way we present their brands and products to their customers.

Check out our pricing HERE or read more about what makes us different from other 3PL centres HERE

Does Order fulfilment take up too much of your time?
Are you outgrowing your space?
Are you receiving customer complaints for late deliveries?
Do you struggle to keep track of your inventory?
Are the core aspects of your business not getting enough of your time?

IF  THE  ANSWER  IS  YES  TO  ANY  OF  THE  ABOVE,  GIVE  US  A  CALL  ON  01273 593 292 

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