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Blasta Henriet

Blasta Henriet works with sustainable materials to create self-care products that provide relaxation, natural pain relief, and comfort.

The Wheat Bag (also called wheat warmer or heat pack) is traditionally unscented, made from plain linen and wheat kernels. Named 'Vetekudde' in Swedish it is a Scandinavian household item, valued for its multifunctional qualities and ability to provide natural pain relief. As well as wheat bags, Blasta Henriet also sell eye pillows, towels, toiletry bags and lavender sprays.


How we help

With their brand expanding, Blasta Henriet no longer wanted to outsource their fulfilment so they could focus on other aspects of the business. They were looking for a company that offered a personalised service, including gift wrapping and handwritten notes.


We provide Blasta Henriet with our B2C fulfilment, B2B fulfilment to a range of stockists (from small independents to large retailers) and also our assembling service.

How they rate us

"Mel and Josie are absolute superstars and have been a fantastic help to my business. They deal with everything quickly and professionally and have gone above and beyond when working on tight deadlines and short notice large orders - fulfilling each order with care, and attention to detail"

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