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Innovative card games company that encourages quality family time.

With a whole host of family-friendly games to their name, including soundiculous, the pretender, jibbergiggle, frozen unicorns, soundiculous kids and a little more conversation - their motto is to have fun and do good!


They plant 10 trees for each one they use, give away 10% of profits and 1000s of games to good causes.


How we help

Gamely Games were looking for a local fulfilment centre that could take care of their orders and present their games brilliantly to their customers.

We provide Gamely with our B2C fulfilment, B2B fulfilment, bulk shipping to Amazon and John Lewis and storage.

How they rate us

"Working with Tamazi is quite simply a joy! Not only are they efficient, knowledgeable, flexible, and supportive - but they throw a little bit of sparkle in with everything they do! They've made our lives so much easier and it's amazing to work with a company that you have complete faith in. We absolutely recommend their wonderful services."

Check them out

Learn more about them and see their products at

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