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The appeal of product packaging

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

A psychology and marketing study has found that the appeal of product packaging has the potential to trigger impulse buying even for consumers with no intention to make a purchase.

By branding your products and ensuring they are packaged in attractive or bespoke packaging will not only trigger this impulse in potential buyers but it will also increase brand loyalty after purchase. By using high quality or bespoke packaging over say a generic cardboard box instantly makes your customers feel more valued and also highlights attributes about your brand itself; high value, excellent customer service and attention to detail.

High-quality branding and packaging is also an invaluable way to market your brand to a wider audience. The 'Unboxing Experience' trend has gained a cult-like following on Youtube and is a great way for customers and influencers to recommend your brand in a visual way. Recent studies have found that almost half of online shoppers would share a photo of their order on social media if it arrived in an attractive package.

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