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5 Ways to grow your online business

1. Get more traffic to your website

Most potential customers are aware of what they're wanting to purchase but may not know that you exist. By doing keyword research you can see what keywords and long-tail keywords your customers are searching for and you can then add these into your website content. The more relevant Google thinks you are to the person's search, the higher up you will rank.

2. Brand exposure and partnerships

Consider partnering up with other brands/companies that are similar but not in direct competition. For example if you're a makeup brand consider partnering with a clothing brand which has the same customer demographics. Sharing each others' content, guest blogging or doing a joint promotion is an easy way to hit your target market, plus the back-links will also improve your google ranking.

3. Customer experience

Once you've enticed potential customers on to your website you want to keep them there so having a good customer experience is essential. Avoid cluttered websites and make sure that each step of the customer journey is seamless and easy. Keep an eye on your analytics to see which landing pages are doing well and which ones aren't by checking the bounce rate. This is an easy way to see where the website needs to be improved

4. Be different

In a time where massive companies such as Amazon are taking over it pays to be different. The simplest way to do this is to care about your customers. Value their feedback, see what questions are being asked most and update your website to display this information and take the time to deal with any issues. Outstanding customer service is essential to this and a personal touch is even better! Consider putting handwritten notes in with your parcels or treating your best customers to an occasional freebie or discount code.

5. Keep them wanting more

By asking your customers to sign up to your mailing list or your social media you're giving yourself an easy way to contact the people who already like what you do. Newsletters which feature new in products, informative blogs or special deals are always a winner

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