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Good things come in small packages

When you're a small or start-up business it often feels daunting to try and stand out against retail giants such as Amazon, and in the past small business owners have been encouraged to make their business seem bigger than it is to increase customer trust and sales.

However, it's time to clean the slate and market your business for exactly what it is. Transparency has been reported by customers as one of the most important factors in e-commerce, including knowing who's behind the company, how products are made and how big the company is.

Small businesses now dominate the UK market, with 99% of all businesses in the private sector being reported as being a small business in 2017. This shift has been down to a number of changes in e-commerce behaviour including awareness. Small Business Saturday and the emergence of similar initiatives have shed a light on how shopping with a small, local business can help the UK economy which has become particularly important with Brexit around the corner.

Another aspect which has been largely reported on in e-commerce is the lack of service given by large companies which has led to more and more consumers seeking out smaller companies for a more personal and unique experience.

To take advantage of this shift make sure you show off your small stature and appeal to more customers:

Be transparent

Embrace that you're a small business even if you're a one man band, and show off how much work and effort goes into fulfilling your customer's order. If you're responsible for every single aspect of your company that's damn impressive so shout about it from the rooftops!

Be passionate

Show off why you started your business and what inspired you to take the leap, but most of all make sure your passion for your business and product is evident. If you're not passionate about your product no one else will be.

Be relatable

It's important to show customer's that you are a person and not a robot. Make sure your voice comes across in your marketing, design and customer communication.

Make customer service the most important part of your business

Are you thankful for your new order that's come in? Let your customer know by popping a handwritten note in with their parcel. Not only will this set you miles apart from retail giants but it will also create a long-lasting impression with your customer who will be likely to shop with you again or refer you to a friend.

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