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How can you grow in 2019?

With the new year upon us we often use January as a time for reflection on how the previous year went and how we can improve our business and our work-life balance. When you look back at the past year how do you feel?

- Are you finding it hard to focus on growing your business?

- Are you spending too much of your working day packing parcels and waiting in the line at the post office?

- Is your spare room/office filled to the brim with your products and packing materials?

- Are you finding it hard to keep track of your inventory?

- Are you receiving any customer complaints?

If the answer is yes to any of the above it may be time to look into outsourcing your 3PL.

A third party logistics provider (3PL) is a company that provides other businesses with storage, fulfilment and dispatch services. That's what we do here at Tamazi Fulfilment; we want to help other small businesses to grow by giving them the breathing space to do the things that they love about their business and that will take them to new heights.

By letting us take care of your fulfilment, you will not only save precious time but also enable your business to grow without the stress of having to keep up with everything yourself.


"I'm so glad I got in touch with Tamazi Fulfilment, they have been awesome and have worked everything out with me on the basis that it works for both parties...Bottom line, it feels like they've got my back, and that's exactly what you need when running a small business." - Mark Dougal, Ocean Sole UK

Check out our pricing or email for more information

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