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Spreading colour and joy

Wolf & Mermaid is a conscious brand who blend together yoga and art by creating beautifully designed yoga products. Their colourful and artistic designs are eco-friendly and 10% of all profits go to an environmental cause.

We spoke to founder Eve about how her journey began and her experiences in starting a small business:

How did your Wolf & Mermaid story begin?

After working a job, I hated (and wasn’t very good at) in central London, combined with an awful break up from a not so great relationship, I left London and travelled to Bali.

It was in Bali I was able to get a real deep sense of what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to share with other people. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved colour and this developed into a love for designing bright prints. I also love yoga so I thought I'd bring the two together to create Wolf and Mermaid!

I wanted to invite colour into people’s lives and into their yoga practices. I wanted to create something that didn’t harm the earth but also that was truly unique and different. After a long year of hard work Wolf and Mermaid wasn’t just an idea anymore and it is now a business I am very proud of!

What are your company goals and aspirations for the future?

I want to expand the Wolf and Mermaid range with more products and new collections and be known as the brand to go to for colour and joy!

I’d like to take Wolf and Mermaid to more festivals, pop up events and work collaboratively with other brands for new and exciting projects and the dream is set up the Wolf and Mermaid studio.

What do you enjoy most about running your small business?

The one thing I enjoy most about running my small business is meeting new people, sharing my products with others and making people happy along the way, spreading colour and joy throughout the yoga world!

Collaborating, creating and forming great connections is what makes me happy. Working as a team with people that are willing and able to help you elevate your business feels amazing.

I also love learning new skills, and I feel since I have started I am understanding myself more, growing as a human and really manifesting my dreams.

What struggles have you faced in running a small business?

Some days you just want to give up. You think what’s the point? Why am I doing this? Am I totally mad for doing this? Why is it so hard? But nothing feels more amazing when you get the highs of selling something you have created and getting those sales in.

On the journey you have to be a good learner, a good listener to your customers and to yourself, and be a good balancer. Your small business will take over your life. You’ll be thinking about it all the time, you’ll be worrying about the sales and you’ll be creating 100 new product ranges.

The biggest struggles I’ve faced running a small business are keeping motivated, feeling on your own with it all and growing your business and marketing it in a way that is engaging and showing your products and who you are in the best way possible.

What advice would you offer someone looking to start a small business?

Know your market and know your product inside out. Test your market before you buy large amounts of stock. Is your target audience actually going to buy it? Create a demand and a following for your product before you even launch. Start out small. You might have loads of ideas but keep it basic at first as you can always grow your product range or range of services.

Take breaks. An hour off isn’t going to make a difference. Take a walk outside without your phone pinging or emails going – clear your mind so that when you come back you have a clearer vision on what’s needs doing.

Be patient! It’s not going to happen overnight! Take your time but keep going.

What made you decide to outsource your fulfilment to Tamazi?

It became too difficult to operate Wolf and Mermaid from my flat and a deep sense of panic began the day a huge lorry arrived outside my tiny flat with a pallet of 300kg of buckwheat.

Me and my partner had to take the pallet of buckwheat sacks apart and carry a bag in at a time. Once we had finished there was 30 bags sat in our living room - meanwhile orders were coming and going and I was unable to keep track of how much stock we had. That’s when I knew I need Tamazi’s help!

Would you recommend Tamazi Fulfilment to other businesses?

I would highly recommend Tamazi Fulfilment to other businesses as they have been a dream to work with. They have met all of my needs for my business and they have gone above and beyond to support me and Wolf & Mermaid.

They know what they are doing, they are completely on the ball and I feel completely trusting in them to do a great job. Their attention to the details and noticing and updating me is incredible. They have literally lifted a weight off my back which has meant I’ve had more time to concentrate on other areas of the business.

They literally were my knight in shining armour and I wouldn’t be at this point in my small business without them!

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