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When your side hustle outgrows your living room

With the growth of easy selling marketplaces like Etsy and Not On The High Street the amount of side hustle businesses in the UK has grown significantly. But what should you do when your side hustle outgrows your living room?

Order Fulfilment

Consider looking into your different options for order fulfilment. To start up a small warehouse can be costly with rent, rates and staff to pay. Instead look at outsourcing your fulfilment and logistics. This will not only save you money and space in your home but will take some of the pressure off of running a small business.

Weighing up your options

Its worth exploring your options if you're currently employed full time and also running your side hustle. If you feel confident in the growth of the business and feel you need to give it more of your attention, you could look at reducing your work hours to part time, or taking a leap of faith and running your business full time. Do think about this in depth before making any decisions as its a big step.


Weigh up whether you need to employ a member of staff or if you can hire a freelancer. Depending on your needs, freelancing can work out cheaper. This could be anything from your bookkeeping and inventory software to social media and content writing. If you need several roles filled its best to look for a freelance company skilled in all the aspects you're looking for.

Support and Advice

If your side business has grown rapidly and you're feeling a bit out of your depth its worth seeking advice from a business mentor or someone who has run a similar business to you. Not only may they think of ideas you've not thought of or know how to set up that tricky website platform, their knowledge can be extremely valuable

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