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Why choose a small 3PL provider?

So your business has grown and you're now looking for someone to take care of the storage and order dispatch for you, but why should you choose a smaller 3PL provider?

Personal Touch

As a business owner I'm sure you're extremely passionate about your brand and products and want the person dispatching your orders to have the same level of care that you would. Rather than looking for a huge dispatch centre with thousands of brands, look for a company that is local to you and are passionate about offering outstanding service and a personal touch.

If you want your parcels to be presented in a certain way such as gift wrapped or with a personal note, smaller 3PL companies are more likely to do this for you at a reasonable price.

Dispatch Times

If you're offering next day or express services on your website you need to make sure that your 3PL provider is able to provide this service. Smaller 3PL companies are able to offer this service as they will only have a few select brands to fulfil. Ask what time their cut off time is for same day dispatch on orders.


You need to consider how the warehouse will be able to access your orders. Some bigger companies require API codes which link the systems which is complicated for most small business owners. Consider giving a 3PL company restricted access to your ecommerce platform where they can log in, print and dispatch your orders without the faff.


Smaller 3PL companies are more likely to be flexible when it comes to your needs. Whether you want to visit the warehouse to take some of your stock or have an urgent delivery of stock, a smaller company is more likely to work with you on what things work for you and your business.


Of course, the cost is very important when looking to outsource any part of your business and you should look at the quote breakdown and make sure you're happy with the price and services you'll be receiving before you sign a contract

We would recommend visiting the warehouse to see how the logistics work and to meet the staff that would be dealing with your orders. At the end of the day you want to make sure you'll be happy with where your products will be kept and the people who will be handling your order dispatch

Best of luck in your search for a 3PL company!

If you're local to Sussex, why not email us for a 3PL quote?

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